‘The View’ Co-Host Says Gays Can Sniff Each Other Out Like Truffle Pigs

mad dyke mag
2 min readSep 29, 2023

I’ve spent most of my life staring down women in public trying to decipher whether or not they’re gay — looking for short nails, undercuts, MUNA merch, etc. But turns out I could’ve just been sniffing around for them this entire time. Because apparently us gays can do that. Like little queer truffle pigs.

When the gals of The View were talking about Naked Attraction — a British dating show featuring hot people who choose to date each other based solely on their naked bodies (exactly how the good lord intended) — co-host Sunny Hostin educated the women on some facts about the ever-elusive homosexuals. In addition to learning what a Prince Albert is, Hostin also learned that gays can sniff each other out in a crowd.

“I learned things I have never heard of in my life,” Hostin said before asking her co-hosts if they were aware of research that suggests “gay men have different scent attraction.” She continued, “Homosexual people have a nose for each other. So they can actually smell under their arms and in a blindfold test can tell which person is gay and which person isn’t.”

Considering there’s no proof humans even have pheromones, and the only source Hostin cites is Naked Attraction, it’s up in the air if this is even a little bit true. But all the dykes I know are obsessed with finding a good scent, so there’s some truth to us enjoying a nice-smelling person. But a lot of my gay guy friends say they prefer a “musk,” aka a lil B.O. There’s a wide-reaching spectrum of sexually arousing scents in the queer world. But wouldn’t it be great to just smell it on people???

I’m choosing to believe it’s true and using it as an excuse to take a big whiff of every cute girl I see like a real serial killer :)