Someone Said ‘Tribbing’ on ‘Love Island’

mad dyke mag
4 min readNov 28, 2023

Two bombshells in mico bikinis are curled up on a daybed outside a rented mansion somewhere in Figi. “Bombshell” in the world of Love Island is a technical term referring to an insanely hot (or “fit”) person who shows up later in the season as a way for production to disrupt the already established couples. In this case, Kyra, a tall, tanned gazelle of a woman, pulls Megan, like Jessica Rabbit if she were from Essex, for “a chat.” A “chat” generally leads to “coupling up,” or sharing a full-size bed in a room with 13 other couples in some kind of influencer orphanage situation.

At first I think it’s too good to be true. There’s no way Kyra is actually trying to smash Megan. We haven’t seen two women couple up on Love Island, a historically painfully heterosexual show, since Sophie and Katie from Season 2. But that ended with Sophie going back to her ex, Tom, and later claiming she and Katie faked their relationship. Needless to say, we’re due for another queer coupling.

In the makeup room, which is essentially a trough of product placement at which the women get ready for “events,” or various themed parties that take place in their fenced-in backyard, Kyra mentions, in her throaty gay voice, that she’s “fluid.” Then she looks right at Megan and says she thinks she’s “very beautiful.” Everyone in the room squeals. Meg blushes and says she’s excited for the day now — so are we.

Later, again at the makeup trough, Imani (another insanely hot woman in a metallic micro bikini) asks Meg if she and Kyra are getting along. Before she can answer, another contestant, Cely, an anthropomorphized Bratz Doll whose dogs are named Skinny Legend and Icy Girl, screams “You like women???!!!” across the row of vanities separating them.

“Yeah,” Megan says.

“I love that,” Cely coos, seemingly approving of homosexuality. “Let’s fucking goooo! I love women,” she concludes before going back to digging in her makeup bag.

“Yeah,” everyone in the room says wistfully in unison.

When they’re finally alone on the daybed, Kyra tells Megan she’s only seriously dated women. Megan says she once dated a couple but fell for the woman more. They talk about being openly bisexual and slutty and how inspirational that is (it really is!). It’s…