Men Are The Problem, So What’s The Solution, Boys??????

I tried to write “men are a disease” in my insta story and Instagram said it violated their guidelines, so I thought I’d extrapolate on the point here. Will also be including a photo of my nipples at the end so stay tuned.

In the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard, a lot of people are sharing their unwanted opinions about how women shouldn’t walk alone at night, or recommending things they can do to be more vigilant — even though Sarah was on the phone with her boyfriend, in sight of surveillance cameras, and murdered by a POLICE OFFICER, presumably the one she (the white blonde woman) might trust in this scenario. Certainly the person she *should’ve* been able to trust.

But there’s really not much more we (women) can do here. Most women are already terrified to walk at night. We have keys in between our fingers and mace in our bag. Once when I was walking home late at night, I put my bag around my neck and started swinging my head around and mooing like a cow just so people wouldn’t come near me. We go to great lengths to keep ourselves safe and it’s still not enough. That’s probably because: men are the problem!!!!!! And most men’s least favorite thing to do is look inward and take accountability so oo boy are we fucked.

Here are just a few of the problems men could focus on solving rn:

More than 96% percent of murders are committed by men worldwide, per the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

In the U.S., between 60 and 99 (!) percent of rapes are perpetuated by men. Some studies show 1 in 16 men are rapists, others 1 in 6 (!). But unfortunately these stats are not totally reliable because most rapes (about 3/4) go unreported. And hundreds of thousands of rape kits go untested, sitting in boxes in musty offices while the perpetrators are free to rape again.

I’d also like to note that every time I Googled “what percentage of rapes are committed by men” the third result was always an article titled “How Often Do Women Rape Men.” There were also an overwhelming amount of stats on how many women “get raped” vs. how many men actually do the raping, which gives you an example of the problematic way the media continues to frame this conversation.

Men are responsible for 80% of violent crime in the U.S. But when I tried to find stats on this, the top Google results included “Violence against men,” “Male survivors of Sexual violence,” and “A Review of Research on Women’s Use of Violence With Male Intimate Partners.” (Men control the media, the algorithms, everything. And they don’t like to self reflect! See above.)

So it might not be ALL men but it sure is a lot of them! And like this guy said, if 1 in 10 men are bad but the other 9 do nothing they might as well not fucking be there!! But what are men doing about this? Per my observations, nothing.

I was talking to a cis white male friend about how most cultures de-center emotion and thus breed a higher number of narcissists, which is why our societies are full of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. He asked how much of this I thought was white men’s fault and I said 100%. He laughed. I remember being surprised by the laugh, and then jealous. I want to find all of this funny! I want to be perplexed, tickled even, free to peruse whatever text at my leisure, absorbing information so I have things to regurgitate at a dinner party when I cut off a woman’s better, much more nuanced point.

Sadly, 2020 hasn’t really seemed to humble men at all. Despite there being *a lot* of opportunities to be humbled.

Another male friend of mine and I were recently talking about the Britney Spears and Paris Hilton documentaries and he asked why I thought we tear down these beautiful women in the press. I said “misogyny” but that didn’t sound ~interesting~ enough for him. “Yeah but is it really about our shame for the things we’re sexually attracted to?” Um “we” as in men? And “shame” as in one of the building blocks of misogyny??? Idk ask yourself!! Or another white man!!!!! Bc I’m not gonna provide another safe space for you to pontificate on why your kind is so awful while you continue to override my lived experience with your ~~intellect~~.

White men can’t rule everything and then wonder why everything sucks. You can’t play smart and dumb at the time, babe. So why don’t you put one of your 14 graduate degrees to work, Steven, and fucking help women put an end to this shit.

Meanwhile, we’d just like to walk home.

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