Kristen Stewart Makes a ‘Queer Eye’ for Ghosts

mad dyke mag
2 min readSep 28, 2023

“How many people died here?” hot “tech expert” Alex LeMay asks in the beginning of the trailer for Living for the Dead, a new supernatural reality series produced by Kristen Stewart and the creators of Queer Eye. LeMay’s two-inch blunt bleached bangs, septum piercing, and lack of eyebrow arch all scream queer. They’re exploring an abandoned (and we can assume haunted) building with a bunch of other queers — their fellow “ghost hunties.”

The hunties include LeMay, Juju Bae (resident witch), Ken Boggle (tarot card reader), Logan Taylor (psychic), and Roz Hernandez (paranormal researcher). And, I guess, sometimes Stewart (hot lesbian). But it doesn’t look like Stewart will be hunting a lot of ghosts. Although, she did try to bang her brother’s ghost in Personal Shopper (at least I think that’s what that movie was about), so she’s got some experience.

In her famously throaty gay voice, Stewart explains that Living for the Dead will follow this band of queer experts “through the unknown and beyond.” This includes the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona, Waverly Hills Sanatorium and the Palace Theater in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Palomino in Las Vegas, Nevada. They also go to a clown motel at one point.

It’s basically a lot of gays getting felt up by ghosts, creepy disembodied children’s laughter, and jokes about tacky bedspreads. It’s everything you could want and more. Watch the full trailer below, homos 💖