Gun Girl’s Mad Lil Nas X ‘Took It Up The Ass’ From Satan

And threatened to f*ck her dad.

Desperate for attention after going more than a year without hardly any mass shootings to parlé into PR opportunities for herself, Gun Girl, basically a packet of ramen with an AK-47, decided to make Lil Nas X’s new music video about her. After lil nas released his new song, montero, and a video of him bottoming for Satan, GG tweeted that it was “week like these” that she was “thankful to be blocked by Lil Nas X.”

Lil nas replied, simply, “i still see ur tweets shitty pants.” lmaooooooo shitty pants. shitty pants!!!!!

She tried to come back from that with “the guy that takes it up the ass from satan wants to talk about “shitty pants,” but the damage was done. She was Shitty Pants now, and forever.

Thirsty for more impressions, shitty pants added, “do you still see your dad?” To which the rapper wrote, “yep and i might fuck yours” hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Because the right is deeply disturbed, they correlate the word “fuck” with “rape,” and Shitty Pants accused Lil nas of threatening to “rape” her dad, even though it sounded like her dad would be consenting to getting railed by lil nas imo.

After that, lil nas ignored shitty pants and continued to live his (much better) life. Meanwhile, SP tweeted about measuring her success by the people who hate her (bleak) and bragged about being able to procreate (which a lot of straight ppl can’t do but cool flex i guess).

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