Government Has Time To Attack Trans Kids But I Still Don’t Have $1400

Photo by George Becker from Pexels

This morning while scrolling through the usual merry-go-round of terror that is The Internet, I came across an article claiming that in just the first two months of 2021, more than TWO DOZEN states have already taken it upon themselves to introduce (at least 73 pieces of!) legislation that attempts to ban trans girls from competing in “girls sports.” Similar bills have also been introduced at the federal level. AND YET, Americans still haven’t received any emergency funds since the $600 they pooped into our accounts in January.

Tell me, please explain it to me like I am a rock, how is it these government officials, these tax payer-funded public servants, have the *time* to draft, edit, proofread, discuss, and introduce legislature about this bullshit in the middle of a panfuckinggoddamndemic?????? WHO in government feels so PERSONALLY THREATENED by LITERAL CHILDREN PLAYING GAMES that they feel the need to hold constituent-funded meetings about this hate-fueled trash while MILLIONS are out of work or DYING????? What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!!??

But of course it’s not about them feeling threatened by anybody at all! It’s about them creating the illusion of a threat in order to “bring suburban women* back to the polls” (****transphobic suburban women), Penny Nance, president of “Concerned Women for America” told Politico. This heartless bitch added, “Republicans would be foolish not to lean into it.” By “it” she means the irreversible trauma saddled onto the next generation of trans youth. Apparently attacking the rights of trans children “seems to be a winning issue for Republicans,” per Axios, “at least in the places where they’re fighting it most aggressively.” Fucking yikes!

After I try (and fail) to wrap my head around how evil republicans are, I scroll across some weird PSA with Kamala Harris telling me “5 million women have lost their jobs in the last year.” Okay so do something!!!!!!!! A pic of her and joe in the Oval Office flashes on the screen and she’s like “We’re working on it.” Fucking drag your ass more please! You’ve been in office the same amount of time as these maniacal bigots, how come they’ve been able to introduce 600 transphobic bills related to fucking PE class and you can’t send out some goddamn checks??????

For some reason Republicans can appoint a LIFETIME TERM like Supreme Court Justice over a long goddamn weekend but we can’t MAIL OUT SOME FUCKING CHECKS in eight (8) calendar weeks???? (Not that $1400 is going to do fuckall for anybody anyway! Our society’s collapsed you idiots!) If you have two+ hours to sit in front of green screen and rattle off statistics about how fucking broke everybody is MAYBE you have the FUCKING TIME to SEND US OUR FUCKING CHECKS.

We have absolute sociopaths with a vendetta against young women & trans CHILDREN on one end and a 5-minute PSA about how fucked we all are on the other. This country is fucking embarrassing. We are the dumbest people alive and we should actually take pride in that. Because we have *nothing* else to be proud of.

Gonna throw my phone/body into the ocean now 💕

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