Colton The Bachelor Is Gay

(TW: suicide)

ABC inadvertently cast its first gay Bachelor when they named Colton Underwood as the star of season 23 of the show, where a 29-to-40-year-old former athlete chooses his future wife from 32 21-to-24-year-old physical therapists from various regions of the midwest. If you tuned into Colton’s season, it was awkward as hell and ended with him throwing himself over a fence and basically forcing contestant Cassie Rudolph to stay on the show and date him (she’d initially wanted to leave because she wasn’t into it.) It was hard to watch tbh. And that’s saying a lot for this franchise. On top of all that, ABC kept advertising Colton as the famous “Virgin Bachelor” and all of “bachelor nation” tweeted about Colton being gay. (ngl i thought he was gay, too, but i would never tweet that!) But now Colton says he regrets his actions on the Bachelor — and that everyone on Twitter was right and he’s a big ‘ol beautiful buff ‘mo.

“Do I regret being The Bachelor, and do I regret handling it the way I did? I do,” Colton said after coming out to hot news lesbian Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. “I just wish I wouldn’t have dragged people into my own mess of figuring out who I was.” Sammme, babe.

The former football player-turned-person-paid-to-make-out-in-hot-tubs said that he finally “came to terms” with the fact that he is gay earlier this year, because when you’re raised in a religious home like he was, being gay can feel like a cancer diagnosis. Something you have to come to terms with. Or it feels even worse. Colton said at one point he thought he’d “rather die” than come out. That’s how all you homophobes make children feel! Think about that, dickheads!!

“For me, I’ve ran from myself for a long time. I’ve hated myself for a long time. I’m gay,” Colton said. “And I came to terms with that earlier this year, and have been processing it. And, the next step in all of this was sort of letting people know. I’m still nervous, but it’s been a journey for sure.”

Colton’s journey was v rocky and involved him having a restraining order filed against him by his ex-girlfriend Cassie, who claimed he was stalking and harassing her, and even placed a tracking device on her car. She later dropped the charges. While he didn’t directly address any of this in the GMA interview, he did say his personal life got “dark and bad” but that he didn’t want to make “excuses.” He added he’s now “the happiest and healthiest” he’s ever been in his life since coming out.

Like so many LGBTQ people, Colton said he’d had suicidal thoughts for a long time, and even once attempted suicide. These low moments were apparently his “wake-up call” and he knew that if he’d rather be dead than gay, something had to change. That’s what prompted him to come out. That and The Bachelor. He thanked the show and the women on it because without them “this would’ve never come out,” he said. He also publicly apologized to Cassie, who according to her Insta stories is on a beach right now somewhere real pretty so idt the gives af.

Then Colton said he wished he’d been “courageous enough to fix himself before breaking anybody else,” which I think his PR person wrote, and also makes me worry about what Cassie went through. But still happy for him! And happy that he’ll spend his time sucking dick instead of emotionally tormenting his ex-girlfriends :)

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