‘AJLT’ S2 E11: F*ck Aidan & Big, Shoe Is The Great Love of Carrie’s Life

mad dyke mag
11 min readAug 28, 2023

Carrie’s on the phone with Aidan, making sure his son’s okay after he crashed his truck into a tree. Once it’s confirmed he’s fine, she seamlessly segues into how she’s shifting into “party gear.” It’s always about Carrie, even when a child’s collarbone’s scattered on the side of a highway.

When she walks into her apartment, she’s greeted by the stray kitten Che dumped off on her. (Also, I recommend the same thing for the AJLT ladies as I did for the entire cast of The L Word Gen Q, they should all get cats and be alone.) Then….SAMANTHA CALLS!!!!!!! Maybe Kim Cattrall would agree to film a season via FaceTime? Someone should ask.

From the back of a cab, Samantha, with a tinge of faux British accent, says her flight is delayed and she won’t make it in time for the Last Supper, aka the Michelin-star-chef-hosted-16-person dinner at Carrie’s old apartment. So instead, Carrie puts her on speakerphone so she can say goodbye to the apartment herself. I really don’t remember them hanging out there that much. I feel like Samantha would think it was kinda gross and small.

When called out for her accent, Samantha says she’s actually Annabelle Bronstein, which real fans (losers) will remember is the same name she used when breaking into the Soho House 15 years ago. Then she’s…